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Janette Racicot is a writer and consultant who has over two decades of marketing, channel sales and training experience in high technology. Her company, Racicot & Associates, works with companies who want to dramatically improve the results of their programs and events.

Her uniquely effectively methodologies have resulted in billions of dollars in sales on four continents for clients such as IBM, Progress Software, In Focus Systems, Compaq Computer, Cisco Systems, Kodak and Lotus Development Corporation.

Prior to founding Racicot & Associates in 1992, Ms. Racicot's background includes over 11 years with Digital Equipment, several years with software and consulting companies in various field sales, product management and other technical positions.

In addition, Janette has designed and implemented dozens of distance learning programs such as multi-city, multi-partner satellite broadcasts, sales channel toolkits, international conferences and training via CD and DVD.

Janette is a top-rated keynote speaker and has published dozens of magazine articles. Janette's work scripting, designing and producing engaging and effective e-courses provides background for her book 'How to Make E-Learning Click!' expected for publication this year.

Janette is currently conducting interviews for her two new books: 'How To Make Your Channel Programs Click!' and 'The Five Lost Secrets of Marketing Technology.'


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