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A very experienced pilot knows their controls and how they should be set. With a scan of the cockpit, she can determine if her aircraft is on course and operating at optimum efficiency. Adjustments and mid-course corrections are made with precision.

The same is true for channel and marketing programs. A very experienced professional knows the controls and how they should be set. With a relatively quick scan, she can determine if the program is on course.  Mid-course corrections are made with precision.

How do you know if your program could benefit from a quick scan?

  • If you cannot risk a less than 100% successful program
  • If your gut is telling you that something is not quite right
  • If your instinct is that things are going very well but you would like an objective second opinion

A quick scan may reconfirm your confidence -- or not.

Racicot & Associates' short term consulting projects range from one day to one month   All results include recommendations and customized deliverables.  To discuss your programs and challenges, call 617 484 3201 or send mail to jracicot@jracicot.com.

Is this a good time to bring an expert into your company? Perhaps.

Questions to Ask When Bringing In Experts  By Janette Racicot


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