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Direct Sales Programs

Being a successful salesperson before the Internet boom and after the bust requires dramatically different skills and tactics.  Sales managers know that what worked before is rarely the best approach today. Even if the best new strategy for your market is obvious can you implement it fast enough to beat your next quota?

If your company quickly and effectively redirect its sales force, call Racicot & Associates.

Here are examples of our many sales programs.  Under construction

Considering training a sales force?  Three Rules For Training Reps by Janette Racicot

Channel Programs

Nearly every technology company strives to create and maintain committed channel partners. Nearly every channel partner would like to capture the attention and investment of their corporate sponsors.  Yet, all too often, channel programs fail. 

So, what's the problem with Channel Programs? 

If your company wants to dramatically improve its channels, call Racicot & Associates.

Here a just a few examples of our many Channel Programs.

If you are acorporate channel program manager or a channel partner, Janette would love to hear your thoughts and stories for her book:   

'How To Make Your Channel Programs Click!'

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