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Examples of Racicot & Associates' Channel Programs

Customized Sales Training for Microsoft's MBS Partners

Program: Microsoft and Ken Wax Workshops

To dramatically improve Microsoft Business Solutions partners' sales in the Small and Medium Business market, Microsoft needed a targeted, tactical and effective training.  Racicot & Associates was engaged to conduct primary and secondary research as the foundation for curriculum and activity design and on-site training delivery. 

Results: Workshop evaluated as extremely high for content, relevance and value by all participants.  Attendees included Microsoft MBS Partners and Microsoft management.  Representative comments included:  "Much more specific to our industry." and "It's a tailored program for our type of companies."

Value Added Reseller (VAR) Channel Development

Program: Lotus Development, IBM and Cisco Systems

Finding the right VAR partners, convincine them to attend an event and obtaining their active participation in a vendor program is a daunting challenge. Racicot & Associates was engaged Lotus Development to create a new VAR (Value Added Reseller) Channel through Seminar Program.  the first program was so successful that it was repeated the following year.

Results: New channel established and functional in less than one quarter. Following year, second series was implements to further develop the channel and its tools.

Success: In both year, success was s attributed to Racicot & Associates acting as single point of contact for the all activities, schedules and deadlines for literally dozens of groups including Lotus, its partners and sponsors, distributor organizations, presenters, and advertising agency, plus logistics, mailing, Internet and registration resources.

Turnkey Management of Business Partner & Channel Programs

Ken Wax/Total Quality Selling -- Sales Training Workshops

Racicot & Associates provided turnkey program management including marketing, registration, on site training and management the North American series of the Ken Wax Sales Training Workshops for Business Partners and Sales Account Managers.

Results: Training events rated by attendees as high quality and well run with a high return on investment. Managed all customer service processes including requests for information, event registration, confirmation and payment. Assisted in curriculum design, development and on site training delivery.

Success Program applauded as instrumental in Partner sales and account development.

Decision to Create a New Sales Channel

In Focus Systems Inc

In Focus Systems wanted to determine whether or not to create a new sales channel in the next quarter. Racicot & Associates was engaged to design a program, implement it, analyze the results and deliver recommendations.

Results: Racicot & Associates devised a unique program which attracted and educated senior account managers from the System Integrator and Consultants In Focus products in 20 cities across North America. The cost effectiveness and efficiency of launching a new channel program was assessed. City by city recommendations were made on cross channel programs, direct and indirect sales strategies and the overall marketing mix.

Success : For a fraction of the cost of booth space at an industry trade show, IFS was able to confidently, make intelligent decisions regarding the viability of the System Integrator and Consultant channel for their products. Within one quarter, they had the information necessary to reshape their channel strategies and to redirect their classic channel sales efforts. As a bonus, their products were seen, in action, by hundreds of senior account managers, thus 'cutting through' the channel noise. Independent of its channel plans, IFS program resulted in a channel presence and an educated managers.


Business Partner Sales Enablement

Lotus Development Corp.
In less than 6 weeks, Racicot & Associates proposed, designed, negotiated, scheduled and implemented a seventeen city Business Partner enablement program for Lotus Development Notes.

Results: Racicot & Associates designed and implemented program including attending and managing each session.

Results: Attended by nearly 700 Business Partners. Rated, by attendees, field sales and corporate management to be extremely high quality, having high return on time and investment and well run. In addition, invaluable relationships were created for Lotus with key Business Partners nationwide. This program also leveraged other channel programs.

Seminar Building Sales for System Integrators

Lotus Development and Total Quality Selling Inc.

The goal of this seminar series was to attract the 'cream of the crop' leading systems integrators and consultants to twenty seminars across North America. Racicot & Associates designed the program and process as well as conducted the marketing to get the field sales management engaged and committed to program.

Results: Program extremely successful, highly rated and superbly run.

Success All management goals met plus Racicot & Associates devised a way to eliminate field marketing costs for the program.

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