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What's the Problem with Channel Programs?

What's the problem with Channel Programs?

The biggest problem with channel programs is that -- despite handshakes and best intentions -- nothing happens. 

Despite the breakfast meetings, the slideshows, and the heartfelt expressions of support from channel partner organization executives -- it soon fizzles out. Companies complain that their channel partners are not producing.  That their enthusiasm lasted only as long as the signing meeting.  And that, if there is any activity at all, it is in conflict with their direct sales force.  CEOs and CTOs cannot understand why their technology is not enough for channel success.

Racicot & Associates' work acknowledges a simple fact: While a smart event can accomplish remarkable results, success takes a lot more than pastries and presentations.

In my two decades of experience with building sales channels, I have found that a superbly designed channel event can produce incomparable results. There are two short examples. For more examples and more detail, give me a call.

1. Domino.Jet - A Single Executive Event That Delivered Millions in Revenue

IBM AS/400 Servers and Lotus Domino

Lotus and IBM divisions wanted to quickly penetrate new industries by offering their solution providers a new offering: Domino on the AS/400.

Racicot & Associates was engaged to make this high visibility program a success. Results exceeded client's expectations for impact, customer satisfaction and event effectiveness for subsequent action and revenue.

2. A New Channel From 0 to 3,000 VARs in less than 4 months.
IBM / Lotus
This ambitious program created an entire new channel, functioning and with technical support across all of North America , in very short period of time.

R&A's responsibilities involved every facet of design and implementation and coordination of coordinating numerous groups including Lotus, its partners and sponsors, distributor organizations, presenters, and advertising agency, plus logistics, mailing, Internet and registration resources

Program exceed goal by over 300% and succeeded in ways that gained a lot of applause within IBM. Note: R&A engaged again following year and successfully doubled the size of the channel.

Channel dreams and plans are easy.  Making it actually happen -- so clients get the results they need -- is the hard part.
Creating channel success isn't a matter of process.  Getting results from channel events takes more -- a bit of vision and creativity, a command of the logistics, an in depth knowledge of how to translate strategies and messages into investments and tactics and the experience to craft events and programs that get channel people self-motivated to take action. A well designed channel event can produce incomparable results because, above all other methods, it can provide all of the necessary ingredients for success: the right audience, content, speakers, experience, value, contract, support and follow up.

That's the key, and it's why companies come to Racicot & Associates again and again. Contact us at 617 484 3201 or send mail to jracicot@jracicot.com



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