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The Five Lost Secrets of Marketing Technology

Manuscript In Development

Before the Internet boom, there were proven ideas, concepts, and rules that guided the technology marketer. Seemingly overnight, those guidelines were smashed to smithereens. Or were they?

Technology marketing is in the Post Internet Bust era. Did you ever wonder if everything has really changed?  Or could it be that some secrets to marketing before the boom might just be what is needed to be successful after the bust?  Could it be that those proven approaches (with a fresh perspective and the benefit of hindsight) just might make today's marketing more effective?  Is it possible that your programs' results could improve by applying a few secrets from the good old days?

Janette wants to hear your pre- and post-boom thoughts, ideas, perspective and stories. To learn more about The Five Lost Secrets of Technology Marketing and to schedule a coffee or lunch (she's buying!), call her at 617 484 3201 or send email to jracicot@jracicot.com

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