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How to Make Your Channel Programs Click!

Manuscript In progress


It's easy to create a channel program and get partners to sign up. All you need is a boilerplate contract, some technology and a couple of beta sites. But creating an aggressive and effective channel takes a lot more than technology.


Finding, building and developing a trained and dedicated indirect sales channel requires insight, experience and exactly the right marketing, training and support programs.


So what are the right channel programs? What are the characteristics that determine channel success? Are there ways to leverage channel conflict into success instead of strife? What's the probelm with Channel Programs?


After over 25 years of working with sales channels, Janette is documenting her secrets to success and she'd like to include your stories. To learn more about How to Make Your Technology Channel Programs Click! ' and to schedule coffee or lunch (she's buying!), call her at 617 484 3201 or send email to jracicot@jracicot.com

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