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Looking for media and tools that really reach your audience?

Anyone can put files on a CD. It is not difficult to create a videotape. Just publishing a DVD does not guarantee that it will be effective.

The challenge is to get your audience to actually surf the DVD, watch the videotape, use the CD and then follow up on the material.

If you have to create sales tools that really reach your audience and result in real commitment, call Racicot & Associates. Here are a few examples of our DVD, videotape, seminar kit and sales tool programs.

Ken Wax's Customer Vision

A Ken Wax/Racicot & Associates presentation of a

Rampion Visual Productions LLC DVD

This all new DVD is based on the acclaimed Ken Wax Customer Vision Workshop.  The 7 Waxioms have been applauded by thousands of business people.  It's all about seeing yourself from the customer's point of view.  You'll laugh as you learn why the customer's view is so different - and what to do about it.

Domino on the AS/400 Videotape

Lotus Development and Total Quality Selling Inc.
As part of a team, Racicot & Associates produced a videotape for Lotus Development, which focused on creatively educating owners of the IBM AS/400 on the possibilities when combined with Lotus Domino.

Results : Video designed, script reviewed and program managed to on time, on budget completion.

Success : Both Lotus and IBM clients extremely pleased with quality and effectiveness of the videotape. Tape distributed as part of channel enablement program.

Business Partner Seminar Kit

Lotus Development Corp.
To leverage sales of Notes V4.5, Lotus engaged Racicot & Associates to create a seminar kit and distribute it to the appropriate Lotus Business Partners. Kit included : a presentation on diskette, a videotape, and other important technical documents.

Results:  Leveraged the Lotus processes and delivered it in a timely manner, before ship of Notes V4.5. Responsibilities included identifying and scheduling resources, designing videotape and diskette creation process and review. Identified documents, wrote cover letters and other direct marketing materials.

Success: Hundreds of Lotus Notes Business Partners were able to confidently sell Notes V4.5, in advance of product shipment through use of the seminar kit which included a video, documents and literature.

Success Story Research and Creation

Lotus Development Corp.
Create a dozen reference stories for Lotus Notes Components to be used by Lotus Business Partners.

Results: Identified, screened and interviewed dozens of Lotus Business Partners to identify stories. Conducted interviews with developers, managers and users.

Success: Produced 12 stories, on time and within budget.

To learn more, contact Janette at 617 484 3201 or jracicot@jracicot.com

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